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Our main goal is having fun with family, friends, and most importantly, our canine companions. Some of our
human members have started out in this sport at the very early ages! As for the canine group, some have
started learning at the age of 8 weeks and others have started their training at 8 years old! As a club, we
love to compete and win, but first and foremost, our goal is to stay family oriented and keep the FUN in flyball.

So get that ball out, practice, practice, practice and we will meet you at the tournaments!
Meet our inactive members!


Kaylee - Retired May 2019

Owner’s name:
Tina Sawicki

Started Flyball:
Summer 2009

Favourite Pastime:
Playing ball, frizbee or chasing squirrels.

Dog’s best time:
5.0 Norwood 2011

Kaylee is an 11year old Mini Aussi with a heart bursting with enthusiasm and energy to just about anything new. She loves to please her mom and learns things amazingly fast. Kaylee can get completely obsessed with "ball" and will even turn down food to play! She's recently had the experience with Dock Dogs - jumping with barely a hesitation! She loves everything she does!



Owner’s name:
Blair Irwin

Started Flyball:

Favourite Pastime:
Teddy's favorite pastime is trying to catch Win while running with the 4 wheeler.

Dog’s best time:

Teddy is  owned and trained  by Blair Irwin. Teddy is a Border Collie and  was born in August of 2007. A brother to Buster and half brother to Win.

He started training in Flyball before he was one year old.  His debut in the Flyball  ring was November 2008 in Montreal at the "Big O". Teddy has an awesome swimmers turn off the box.  Teddy is without a doubt RSG's  best anchor dog.



Théobulle d. lowe the clown
– aka théo

Owner’s name:

Annie Descheneaux

Started Flyball: 2014

Favourite Pastime: Chasing his tail, playing football, chasing our old cat, chasing Guinea Fowl & turkeys, playing flyball (of course) and being mean to all the dogs (except Maya & Molly!)

Dog’s best time: NA

Theo absolutely LOVES to do flyball! He earned his FMX title in November 2016. Besides Flyball, Theo enjoys the country life on our farm. Theo doesn't know he only weighs 18 lbs. and would eat any dogs that come too close to me or Justin. Besides being the meanest dog ever (!!!) he's a real snuggler and would do anything to come sleep in the bed with us under the covers.




Owner’s name:
Bobby and Sara Ogilvie

Handled by:
Expertly handled by Carole Paquin

Started Flyball:

Favourite Pastime:
Her favorite toy is her tire, .she loves to tug! She also loves stealing socks!

Dog’s best time:
5.5 with a pass

Born January 31, 04 in Niagara Falls, Olive started with agility, but after trying flyball, it became apparent that thats where she excelled. She was known to run off the agility course. She likes to play with her (human) baby brother, and often snuggles with him. She is very energetic, and loves going on long walks. The only time she is ever exhausted is after a weekend of flyball!



Mayahuel D. Lowe – aka Maya

Owner’s name:
Annie Descheneaux

Started Flyball: 2011

Favourite Pastime: Beside flyball, agility, Rally-O, canicross, long walk in the wood, herding chickens (but not the roosters… They are too big and scary!!!) Sleeping, chasing the cat, licking into every nose available, chewing on feathers and being the happiest dog I know.

Dog’s best time: NA

Born the 4th of May 2010, Maya is a 6 pounds Poohuahua (Chihuahua/poodle mix) but somewhere in there, there is a Pitbull hiding… Maya doesn’t know she is only 6 pounds and love to do the same things as big dogs do. A picture of her was used to promote canicross in Québec city by FouBraque and she earns the unofficial title of “Smallest canicross dog” in Québec city. Maya can easily run up to 10k, climb mountains or walk for hour in the wood. She also does agility and a bit of rally-o. In 2011, Maya was a model for the company Caniswear. Maya loves to herd the chicken on our farm but she’s afraid of the roosters!!! Maya started flyball in 2011 but never compete. Hopefully, someday, Maya will trigger that box and will compete among those big dogs! She is handled and loved by Annie.


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